Top 5 Movies That Take Place in Casinos

There’s no need to think hard what kind of movie a gambling enthusiast would rather watch when offered a choice. No doubt, it would be a film about some smart gambler or a group of gamblers who’ve made the strong decision to snatch a large sum. The fact is many bettors keep dreaming of an easy type of winning for years when playing in casinos like and these films make them stay in the game. Another reason is that such kind of plot leaves nobody indifferent, for there are always things like long and thorough planning, strategy development and adventure line. But today one may find heaps of movies where casino theme is touched to either higher or lower extent. And surely, all of those have the right to exist. However, only few can be regarded as the classic hits of all times.


“Casino” was released back in 1995 and became known worldwide due to names like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. It tells the story of the two mobsters, one of which tries to build a career in gambling and by all means gain everyone’s respect and the other gradually becoming obsessed with greed. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese who’s got fame for the movies like “The Nice Guys”, “The Aviator” and some others.

Rain Man

“Rain Man” is one of those movies that deservedly received general acceptance and love. It is also one of the best pictures featuring Dustin Hoffman as the main character. He plays an autistic personality, who’s got a born talent to cards counting. During the film there are scenes where he totally unveils his inborn potential of a brilliant gambler.

It should be noted that the movie’s got a tendency to leave some gambling fans jealous. Many would wish to work out skills the main protagonist possesses. As the comfort to the latter we’d like to offer them to try this site and start paving their way to the master’s level. One can truly get a substantial practice there.


The film is about a man who gave up gambling yet, was forced to return to it to help his friend pay out his debt. The cast includes names like Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich, who’ve become recognized by some remarkable roles in the other pictures.

Ocean’s Eleven

“Ocean’s Eleven” is a relatively new film yet, already ascribed to the list of classic movies about the smart casino robbers. Danny Ocean and his team have planned to scam an arrogant casino owner Terry Benedict who cut out with Danny’s ex-wife Tess. The film boasts the whole number of Hollywood stars.

Casino Royale

And finally we get to sensational “Casino Royal”. It is the 21st film about James Bond and the first one starring Daniel Craig. In this movie Bond is going to face the terrorists group financed by Le Chiffre, the main antagonist and Bond’s opponent in Texas hold’em tournament. To get Le Chiffre 007 will have to beat him in the tournament first, which is no easy task even for an experienced spy… The movie is an absolute must-see and undisputed must-have for every cinema fan.

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