Top Popular Action LGBT movies to watch on a date

When it comes to striking up a rapport with an exciting new partner, one of the most recommended activities is watching a movie. If you’re specifically interested in a gay relationship, there are many titles you and a prospective love interest can enjoy. So if you’ve connected on a popular gay dating site among teens and are ready to invite a significant other over for films and popcorn, here are the most recommended LGBT action movies you could watch together.




Although it received mixed reviews upon its initial release, both as a short film in 2003, and then a longer version the following year, D.E.B.S. went on to enjoy cult status. This exciting thriller is about the relationship between a trainee spy (with D.E.B.S., or Discipline, Energy, Beauty and Strength) and a supervillain, Lucy Diamond. With a young, energetic and good-looking female cast, the D.E.B.S. operatives are certainly fetching teen heroes for any lesbians keen to enjoy a captivating feature on date night. Its mixture of action and romance will have you glued to the edge of your seat.


Atomic Blonde


This movie is based on a graphic novel and is a classic spy story of an operative seeking a list of double agents who are being smuggled over the Iron Curtain into West Germany, around about the time the Soviet Union’s grip on Eastern Europe was slacking, and the Berlin Wall was on the verge of being demolished. The stunning model/actress Charlize Theron played the atomic blonde of the title, is extremely easy on the eye, while a diverse cast of strong supporting actors ensures this is another film that could be described as apt for an LGBT date night.


Set It Off


A heist film from 1996, this film was a critical hit and also a box office smash (grossing well over $40 million against a modest budget of around $9 million). The four anti-heroes involved in the dating bank raid may be doing so for different reasons, but they are all bonded by friendship. There is undeniable chemistry between the leading ladies, portrayed by Kimberly Elise, Vivica A Fox, Jade Pinkett and Queen Latifah, while the heavy hip-hop and R&B-flavored soundtrack will also have you tapping your toes furiously. In a genre where there is often so much testosterone, this film, featuring explosive action but strong female protagonists, feels like a breath of fresh air.




This hugely-popular LGBT-friendly movie allowed Tom Hanks to stretch his acting muscles, playing a gay man who decides to sue his employers after he is sacked for contracting AIDS. The lawyer tasked with pursuing his case of unfair dismissal, portrayed by Denzel Washington, overcomes his innate prejudice to fight the case in court. As well as a hugely memorable screenplay, featuring the Bruce Springsteen-penned ‘Streets of Philadelphia,’ this film received critical acclaim for being the first mainstream Hollywood feature to address issues of homophobia and the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.


Rocket Man


This 2019 biopic, starring Taaron Egerton as the iconic English pop star, Elton John, is another worthy addition to your shortlist of LGBT-friendly movies for your date night. If you are a fan of John’s music, with his numerous top 10 singles co-written with Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), you’ll simply love this movie. As well as focusing on his fantastic musical legacy, the film pulls no punches in focusing on john’s troubled private life. The opening scene is set in a rehab clinic, where the talented songwriter divulges aspects of his various addictions, including alcohol and other drugs. But as an entertaining movie focusing on a longstanding gay icon, this would be perfect viewing for an LGBT date.