Toronto Comicon: The Awesome Art of Leo Leibelman

It’s funny how any time I’m at Comicons around the world very few ever have anything action related; it’s always horror, sci-fi or fantasy but despite action being popular at the box office it still never seems to get respect at these events.

I was very pleased while wandering around the Toronto Comicon this weekend to come upon Leo Leibelman and his fantastic art work. He does all kinds of genres but I ended up buying 4 of his pieces as they were 100% relevant to this website.

I picked up his pictures from Predator, Conan, Terminator and John Wick but he has more including Gladiator, Mad Max, Rocky and Escape from New York. He told me that he is currently working on a Rambo piece which will have a picture of John Rambo from First Blood next to Rambo from the 2008 movie. I’ll pick that up in the next few months when I see him again.

Check out the art work I picked up yesterday and you can see more of his pictures on this website here –