Trailer for The Insurrection with Michael Pare

The Insurrection is the twenty-sixth film from prolific filmmaker Rene Perez. Each of his previous films have been distributed by various companies like Sony, Universal, and Gravitas, but with his latest, he has no choice but to release the film on his own. Due to the controversial subject matter which includes a Virus prediction (which has surprisingly come true in our real lives) and an Anti-woke/Anti-SJW stance, no distributor would touch the film.

Perez was candid about the situation. “My first twenty five films had no problem finding distribution. Even the bad ones were picked up right away and released.” He continues, “According to critics, The Insurrection may be my best film to date but because of the secrets that are exposed, no one will release it. I actually had a distributor screaming at me over the film. That’s never happened before.” Coming to Vimeo, you will now have a chance to see The Insurrection and find out for yourself why Hollywood is afraid of this film.

Like a true independent artist, Perez would not compromise his vision. “I’m sorry that the Virus plague story arc has turned out to be real but I made this movie in 2019 and that was just a wild conspiracy theory at the time. As for the main theme, it’s time people know these secrets, I might be the only director on Earth willing to expose Hollywood…”