Underrated Gem: Eliminators (2016)

I feel like this movie doesn’t get enough praise from people and I consider Eliminators one of Scott Adkins’ most entertaining films.

Eliminators tells the story of a former U.S. federal agent (Scott Adkins) who must abandon his witness protection program and come out of hiding when his London home is invaded. Now, he has to evade a world-class assassin (Wade Barrett AKA Stu Bennett) and save his daughter’s life.

It’s worth watching for the fight scenes alone and the beatdowns between Adkins and Bennett are priceless with Bennett’s assassin Bishop a worthy opponent to Adkin’s skilled ex- federal agent Thomas. Bishop is an absolute beast in this movie towering over Thomas during the fights as they punch and kick each other in brutal fashion where you get the feeling there is a genuine fight for survival.

This tension keeps the plot moving as Thomas tries to evade Bishop, the cops and anyone else who gets in his way as he attempts to save his daughter from her embittered grandfather (James Cosmo) who wants Thomas dead as he blames him for his daughter’s death. You can see the granfather’s point and you can never go wrong with the legendary James Cosmo in the role. He isn’t a total monster and you almost empathize with him giving the movie a little more depth than you’d maybe expect.

It’s not just Bishop Thomas has to contend with as there are fight scenes every few minutes with some original locations with one highlight being Adkins taking on two goons in a cable car over London.

Speaking of which Eliminators also has a nice sense of style making London look rather glamorous which is a pleasant change.

Eliminators is definitely more of an under the radar Adkins film that may not have the same fanbase as the Boyka movies but if you haven’t seen it then give it a watch as it is packed with action and Stu Bennett/Wade Barrett is a really entertaining villain.