Underrated Gem: Snatch (2000)

Plot: Snatch (2000) is the recipe of a British comedy action thriller based in the London criminal underworld. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the movie follows boxing promoter, Turkish (Jason Statham), who persuades Brick Top (Alan Ford) to place his betting endeavors on Irish traveler, Mickey O’Neill (Brad Pitt). Meanwhile, mobsters close in on a valuable, stolen diamond in London, and Turkish finds himself entangled in the action.


With a heavily star-studded British cast, Snatch, is in my opinion, a hidden gem amongst Guy Ritchie’s impressive line of unforgettable movies that ScreenRant lists here. When Guy Ritchie directed Snatch, he had only directed a handful of movies by this point. And with his more recent movies like Aladdin (2019) and The Gentlemen (2019) being great successes on the big screen on their release, it’s easy to understand why Snatch may have taken a bit of a back seat in the list of favourites.

However, Snatch was really able to cement Guy Ritchie’s artistic style on film. So much so, that with his unique style of editing, you can watch almost any of his work blindly, and you’ll instantly spot the similarities between his array of movies that never grow old. Snatch contains the right amount of comedy, thriller, and action. It’s safe to say that we may not get a film like it from Guy Ritchie again. And 23 years later, I think it deserves to be dusted off the shelf and appreciated the way it was on its release.

We need to acknowledge one element of the film that is simply well done, and that’s the setting. I can’t think of a better combination than Guy Ritchie’s genius ideas taking place in a gritty, criminalized London. It’s a beautiful city that is shown in a different light. What’s more, the characters are written all too well, and the cast does a great job of really bringing them to life. Each time I watch this movie, I’m always left feeling impressed by the range of personalities on the screen. Many of them are hardened, gambling, casino fanatics that rub off on you in an unexpected way. So much so that, for any casino fans, don’t be surprised if it leaves you feeling ready to take on the slots. For those that are ready to do so, Bonusfinder UK has a new casino sites Guide, so you can find the best new online casinos in 2023.

Something that should never go under-appreciated in Guy Ritchie’s films is the choice of music – it can really make or break a scene. Not only is Guy Ritchie’s editing style fascinatingly unique, but it’s also complimented by the style of music that he puts with it. It makes for some intense, beautifully crafted scenes. It’s prominent in a lot of his work, and Snatch is no exception.

Snatch has the perfect mixture of a fun plot with interesting characters. If you can find the time, I would recommend kicking your feet up and enjoying this one. It’s not one to be missed!