Underrated Gem: Target of Opportunity (2005)

Plot: Two former CIA operatives must test the bonds of their childhood friendship when one of them is accused of stealing state secrets and jailed in a foreign prison.

I have to give a shout out to Andrew Babcock for introducing me to this film starring Dean Cochran and Todd Jensen as it’s a lot of fun with plenty of impressive fight scenes, shoot-outs and maybe the most exploding trains I’ve ever seen in one movie. Cochran and Jensen make for a likeable duo and the film keeps you guessing as whether Jensen can actually be trusted or not.

There are some one-liners too with Dean Cochran proving he deserved to be a bigger action star but sadly this came out in 2005 and the era of the old-school action hero was pretty much at an end.

Target of Opportunity feels like it should have come out in the 90’s as it has that PM Entertainment vibe to it; I’ve seen some poor reviews for this movie and some idiot actually said this movie was “unrealistic”… of course it is, it’s an action movie and that’s part of the entertainment value. Everyone knows in an action movie our heroes are bulletproof and even from 2 feet away the bad guys will miss them and that’s just the way I like it.

This is a fast paced 90 minutes and rarely goes more than a few minutes before there’s an action sequence and for that it delivers on all fronts.

The story actually does something a little different and is unpredictable so we aren’t sure how it’s going to play out; not that it matters as you can just enjoy it for all the explosive action scenes.

The music score is bombastic and heroic and I would love to own it if it ever became available as it’s the kind of score we don’t hear much anymore.

Overall, Target of Opportunity is a great introduction to Dean Cochran with fights, shoot-outs and explosions occurring on a regular basis and the story also manages to be interesting too so it’s well worth checking out.