Upcoming Action Adventure Movies

Looking at the trends, one can easily spot the rising liking for the action-adventure genre of movies in Hollywood. A UK mobile casino has listed out the upcoming action movies that you can expect to watch in 2018. So, you can start chalking out your calendar for the next year and fit your favourite movie slots in your tight schedules.


A complete Action- Packed Dose


  1. The Commuter


The perfect blend of action and suspense is what you are looking for, go for this movie. With less than a month left before its release, it has been setting some high expectations for itself. Do not miss out on the hints in between; these might tell you who has good intentions and who does not.


  1. 12 Strong


This movie is bound to intrigue the audience as much as the 09/11 attacks did. The action punch in 12 Strong is based on post 09/11 events in Afghanistan. It shows how the top-notch leader must be targeted to deal with Taliban.


  1. Extinction


Ben Young tries to create action with a personal touch here. The film is the story of a man who realises that his fear of losing his family will come true. He must fight some extra-terrestrial forces if he wants to save his loved ones. How will he do this? After discovering his superpowers.


  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure


Do not judge a book by its cover, but even if you have read the novel “The Death Cure”, do not stop yourself from watching this movie. There is a lot of thrill in the process of finding a cure for a lethal disease called Flare. Watch it find out if the young hero can save the masses.


  1. Cloverfield Movie


A group of scientists is on a space station, conducting some experiment when all does not go well. The Cloverfield Movie is a fight for the survival of this entire group. They are isolated and of course in the deep dark space. It is going to be tough, but we are expecting this movie to be different from other movies with a similar theme.


  1. Annihilation


The lush green forests and the commonly understood principles of nature stop making sense when a biologist discovers that there is some force or power which wants to create something new, without following the Biological processes and principles known to humans. There are adventure and mystery in this one.


  1. Death Wish


Bruce Willis is a happy man, but his family is destroyed, and now he is intent on killing the ones who did that. Expect a lot of violent action.


  1. Red Sparrow


Another movie that is based on the intelligence services of the USA and Russia. Dominika Egorova learns the art of seducing the opposite sex to use it to the advantage of a secret intelligence agency.


  1. Gringo


Looks like this a sweet and spicy combination of comedy and action, with moments of humour as well as thrill. It gets kind of scary when a law-abiding citizen crosses over to Mexico and is on the verge of becoming a criminal.


  1. Tomb Raider


The name itself is sufficient to arouse interest in the movie. The female protagonist finds herself stuck on an island. She must find a way out.


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Starting January 2018, you face a difficult task deciding how not to miss these movies, just like you wait for your favourite online game releases.