Welcome to Wrexham: How Ryan Reynolds’ Football Smash Has Taken The World By Storm

There are few things on the rise in the world of football in 2023 quite like Wrexham AFC. In recent years, the emergence of Football eSports or the 2022 FIFA World Cup had been the talk of the footballing world. But in 2023, it is Wrexham Football Club. And it’s all thanks to two men, men that had probably never heard of the small town in North Wales prior to just a couple of years ago.


Hollywood Takeover

Those men are, of course, Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds and his business partner Rob McElhenney, who himself is a star in the smash TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The American duo purchased Wrexham AFC back in February 2021, and they immediately invested £2m into the club. They have also invested in the club’s women’s team, as well as their Racecourse Ground stadium and the town as a whole.

Since the takeover, the club has been able to sign sponsorship deals with Social Media giant Tiktok, as well as Reynold’s Aviation Gin and travel company Expedia. The club also brought in striker Paul Mullin, who was coveted by a number of clubs far higher in the English football pyramid than Wrexham, who ply their trade in the fifth tier.


The Revolution Will Be Televised

The story of lowly Wrexham’s money-spinning takeover is available for all to see on Disney Plus, as Reynolds and McElhenney convinced the bosses at Disney to create a TV show on the goings on at the Racecourse Ground. And the show is wonderful.

One would think that the club’s ultra-famous owners are front and centre in the documentary. And while they do feature prominently, they are not the stars of the show. The show’s creators allow the club to shine. The docuseries features plenty of interviews with club employees, fans, players, and opposition as the Red Dragons attempt to fight their way up the football pyramid.

Welcome to Wrexham is a tale of hope and heartbreak unlike any other. At the culmination of the 2022/23 footballing season, there will be another installment to the show, which will once again be available for streaming on Disney Plus.