What Happened with that Die Hard 6 Pitch?

Remember a while back writer/producer Eric D. Wilkinson posted an ad pitching a potential Die Hard 6? He was equally as disappointed with the Year One idea as the rest of us were and came up with his own script.

It’s actually quite a similar story to Only the Good Die Hard which was a script from Craig McInnes; that also involved McClane going to prison but the rest of the story was quite different.

Personally I think Die Hard is finished; there are cool directions it could have gone in but with Bruce Willis having disappeared up his own arse a while ago then the days of the cool/vulnerable McClane we all loved are gone forever.

I think Wilkinson showed a lot of balls to post an ad pitch like that so he deserves props and it has at least paid off in another way. Wilkinson and Richard Schenkman have now had one of their other scripts optioned. The film is called The Devil, and it’s been picked up by Eclectic Pictures.

The Devil is apparently an action/horror flick loosely based on the Jersey Devil true story. During a fraternity “hell night” deep in the Pine Barrens, a group of college students discover the urban legend of a 300-year old demonic creature is all too real.

In case you missed it, this was his Die Hard pitch synopsis below:

Former hero cop John McClane, 60 years old and beat to shit, is a convicted felon, being carted off to a Federal prison. Why?

Flashback to 1979, where 24-year-old New York City Patrol Officer John McClane is part of a team of cops assigned to investigate the murder of 6-year-old Ethan Peller, working under the direction of an up-and-coming Detective Stan Winshaw. Strong police work leads McClane to suspect possible sex trafficker Clarence Sutton, who mysteriously vanishes moments before McClane can make the arrest. The rule-breaking McClane and his superior Winshaw butt heads. The trail goes cold and the case is never solved. When McClane makes unprovable accusations about Winshaw he is transferred to the city’s bleakest division.

34 years later, Detective John McClane takes a personal leave and heads to Moscow to help his estranged son, who is being tried in a Russian court. While McClane is out of the country, the remains of Clarence Sutton are discovered, not only with DNA evidence linking Sutton to the murder of Ethan Peller, but additional evidence that ties John McClane to Sutton’s killing.

Upon McClane’s return from Russia, he is arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of Clarence Sutton. He is given a 30 year prison sentence in ADX Florence, an ultra-maximum-security, or ”supermax” prison which houses some of the most dangerous criminals in the country, including Omar Al-Maqdisi and Abdul bin Saeed, masterminds of the two worst terrorist attacks on American soil.

Following the Russian adventure, John had successfully reunited his family and reconnected with his wife Holly. Now, while he serves his sentence, Holly has been spending all of her time and effort on his appeal – especially once new evidence surfaces which may not only exonerate McClane, but also implicate Stan Winshaw (now a decorated police Captain) who may have framed John for the murder of the suspect they were chasing nearly forty years ago. However the day Holly goes to the prison to deliver this news personally to John, a riot breaks out, and before she can safely leave, the prison is put on lockdown.

But this is no ordinary prison riot.

By nightfall, inmates control the facility, holding Holly McClane and many other hostages. We soon learn that the riot itself was a distracting subterfuge… part of a plan to break both Al-Maqdisi and bin Saeed out of prison so they can help complete a horrific new terrorist attack in New York City.

However the one thing the terrorists didn’t count on was the one man who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time… And when it comes to John McClane, old habits die hard.

So yes, this will reference “A Good Day To Die Hard,” which doesn’t really seem necessary, and it’s essentially the Nakatomi Plaza battle rewritten for a prison setting. It’s certainly better than a full blown prequel at any rate. Check out the ad the below and share your thoughts below.


Not sure if this movie would ever happen as Fox needs to continue to destroy the brand name with the Year One idea but this idea from Wilkinson sounds like an interesting compromise. He actually understands what it means to make a Die Hard film and who the character of John McClane was. It would have been nice to end the series on a high note… but it looks doubtful.