Where was The Fall Filmed? Guide To All The Filming Locations

One of the most well-liked TV shows in recent years is The Fall. With areas that are convenient to reach and that provide some intriguing vistas, it’s also a terrific way to see Northern Ireland. The Fall’s fourth season was shot at Titanic Studios in Belfast, and the first three seasons were filmed there as well. And that’s just the beginning! Here is all the information you need about where exactly this show was filmed if you wish to visit all the filming locations:

The Fall Was Filmed In Belfast, Northern Ireland, With A Few Scenes Shot In London And Dublin.

With a few scenes filmed in London and Dublin, The Fall was primarily shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The Northern Ireland setting of the series. The inaugural season was shot on location at the Foyle Arena in Derry and the Ballymena Youth Centre in County Antrim (where there are two sets: one for rehearsal rooms and another for performances). The third season was filmed mostly on location in and around Dublin with some additional filming at Pinewood Studios once more—and even more cameos from actors like Jim Broadbent! The second season was entirely filmed at Pinewood Studios outside of London (including an outdoor exterior shot at Saintfield House).

The Locations Where The Fall Was Filmed Are All Quite Accessible To The Public

All of the filming locations for The Fall are easily accessible to the general public. Most of them are accessible by vehicle, while some are placed in more convenient locations than others.


Car bomb: If you wish to go to this famous spot on your own, you’ll need to be able to drive. It’s close to Belfast’s downtown and Queen’s University and is accessible via the M2 freeway.


Westlink Toll Bridge: This bridge connects west Belfast’s Duncrue Street to the town center of Carrickfergus, where there is also a shopping center called Victoria Square (where there are clothing stores). Since it is no longer part of the UK, it is simple for anyone with access rights in Northern Ireland or Europe/UK who is not subject to any other restrictions that prevent them from traveling abroad (such as being on bail). However, if someone was planning to cross into Scotland, they would need additional documentation proving they were allowed entry into Scotland before driving over here because

Visit Stella Gibson’s (Gillian Anderson’s) residence in Belfast’s Sydenham neighborhood.


But if you are out of Ireland and want to check the location you still have the option to watch them, but how? Through the use of VPN. It is simple, just using VPN for Netlix allows you to not only watch the fall but also all the locations where it was shooted. Still the house where it shooted can be watched because it is not open for common visitors.


The house is off limits for visitors, but passersby can still see it. The family has owned this lovely home for many generations. With her husband and kids, the property’s owner, Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), resides there. She has lived here for more than 50 years and is a beautiful woman!

Visit Marriott Hotel Where Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) Stalks A Woman In The First Episode Of Season 2.

A well-liked tourist destination in Belfast is the Marriott Hotel, which is situated on Great Victoria Street. Charles and James T. Nixon created the design, and it was constructed in 1875.


The hotel offers two dining establishments: The Port House Bar & Grill and The Auld Dubliner Pub, both of which date back to 1894. (which opened in 2006). The location is close to a number of neighborhood restaurants where you may sample wonderful food!

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You can make tee time reservations through their website or by calling +44 330 606 4200. (they speak English). Inquire about the price per round if there aren’t any openings on their website right now (this depends on what time of year you are visiting).


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Visit Corry Square, Where Stella Walks In Episode 2, Series 1.

Corry Square is a wonderful place to start if you’re in Belfast and want to learn more about The Fall. Tourist destinations like the Ulster Museum and Titanic Belfast visitor center are among the attractions that can be found near this bustling crossroads. Additionally, there are lots of stores and eateries close by.

Just off Falls Road in the northern part of Belfast’s city center, Corry Square is situated at the intersection of Donegal Street South and Holywood Road/North Street (A5).

Visit Stranmillis University College, Where Stella Appears At A Press Conference.

Consider visiting Stranmillis University College if you’re looking for something to do in Belfast. Stella communicates with her followers and attends news conferences at this school. The college is situated on the grounds of University College Belfast, which has a campus of its own and is close to numerous lodging facilities and dining establishments.

Take the N5 South exit off of Junction 5a on the M2 to get there (about 15 minutes from Belfast). Stranmillis Road ends at the university; follow the signage pointing in that direction (the road’s name changes to Malet Street at Oldpark).

See Titanic Studios, Where Season 3 Was Filmed.

Belfast is home to Titanic Studios, a movie studio. The Fall, which takes place in Northern Ireland, was filmed there. Its filming location is now referred to as “Titanic Quarter.”

Jimmy Chisholm opened the studios in 1988, and more than 30 movies, including Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, have been produced there (2015). They regularly host music videos and advertisements as well.

The Fall Is Not Just Great TV, it’s Also a Good Way To Discover Sights And Tourist Attractions In Northern Ireland.

The Fall is not only excellent television, but it’s also a terrific way to learn about Northern Ireland’s landmarks and tourist destinations.

If you’re traveling to Northern Ireland and want to see some of the places where your favorite actors have been spotted or have lived, this guide will help you locate them. The series was shot there. It’s worth exploring some of these locations since they are quite accessible to tourists.


While The Fall may be excellent entertainment, it’s also a terrific way to learn about Northern Ireland’s landmarks and tourist destinations. So be sure to catch everything the next time you see the episode! On your vacation, you might even manage to catch some sunshine.