Who of the Cast Really is Expendable?

Following on from my ten fave moments of the Expendables series, I’ve often thought they that they haven’t taken advantage of the term “expendable” too much yet. They chickened out by bringing Dolph back at the end of the first movie but none of us have a problem with that because it’s Dolph and we love him.

For me though if they killed off Randy Couture or Terry Crews I wouldn’t be too bothered. These guys are hardly action legends, although I will admit that Crews is awesome in the movies. These are the only two characters who don’t really belong there; everyone has their favourite characters so it’s difficult to kill someone off without pissing off a legion of fans.

I personally think it might actually add even a little bit of an emotional heft if we lost 1 or 2 and replaced them with different action legends, thus truly earning the title of “Expendable”.

I figured I would put a poll together and let you guys decide.

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