Wicked 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Scoring the Top Seats and Deals for Wicked the Musical

Wicked is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular musicals being shown in theatres right now. Individuals who’re interested in seeing it have to fight for tickets. Not only are tickets hard to come by but they are also obscenely expensive. If you want to see Wicked this year then you need to try and do your best to get a good deal. Getting a good deal with this post’s guidance won’t be difficult. Without it, however, it’ll be impossible.

Here is a comprehensive guide to scoring top seats and deals for Wicked:


Specialist Websites

Without a doubt, the easiest way to score tickets for Wicked is to use a site that specializes in offering tickets for the musical. Since it is one of the most popular musicals in the world finding such websites is not difficult at all. Getting Wicked the musical tickets online should be as simple as conducting an internet search. If you do plan on using specialist websites then make sure that they have received good reviews online first. As it is popular conmen and scammers are known for attempting to steal people’s money by tricking them into buying tickets that do not exist. A website’s reviews should tell you everything you need to know about it and help you to determine whether it’s authentic and trustworthy. Give Google and Trust Pilot reviews priority over on-site ones.

Ticket Scalpers

Sometimes outside of theatres and performance venues, you can find scalpers selling tickets. Sadly it’s not uncommon for scalpers to sell fake tickets. People buy tickets from dodgy scalpers and upon trying to enter are turned away. Only ever buy tickets from scalpers if you’re desperate or confident the person is not trying to scam you. Something else to note is that scalpers tend to offer people very unattractive rates and deals. You won’t be able to get a good price for tickets to see Wicked if you are buying them on the night of the performance outside of the venue you’re attending.

Social Media

It is also possible to buy tickets online from people who’re no longer interested in going to see Wicked or from individuals who have had things come up in their personal lives. All you need to do to find people selling Wicked tickets is key in the performance’s name and the location of the theatre on your social media platform’s search bar and you should find listings of people trying to get rid of tickets. You can usually get a good deal because by the time people are trying to sell their tickets online they’ve usually been unable to get a refund and will therefore accept lower offers.


Concession Discounts

Depending on the venue where you are going to be seeing Wicked you might be able to get discounts if you are disabled, elderly, or a student. Alternatively, if you have a friend or loved one who’s a fan of the theatre then you can get a discount by inviting them to come along with you. Individuals who’re attending events alongside those eligible for concessions are usually entitled to the very same concessions. Research online before buying tickets and applying for concession so you can find out the specific venue’s policy.

Last Minute Deals

Sometimes you can get fantastic deals on tickets by going to venues and waiting around by the ticket booth. Once everybody has taken their seats if people are missing or seats have gone unsold, ticket sellers can release them for significantly reduced prices. Just before Wicked starts go up to the ticket booth at the venue you are attending and ask the ticket warden if they have any leftover tickets they are trying to get rid of. If they do you could end up getting a very good deal and save a lot of money.

Booking Early

One of the last things you should consider doing if you want to save money on ticket costs is booking early. Booking tickets early is without a doubt one of the easiest ways of saving yourself money as it doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is find out when Wicked is being shown in your area and be on the seller’s website just as the tickets go live. You can buy them right away and save yourself a fortune. Booking early also comes with the added bonus of making it possible for you to get the best seats in the house.


Wicked is a popular musical, all you have to do is read its reviews to see why. If you want to see it then you should do your best to get a good deal. As it is very popular tickets are sometimes sold for a lot of money. You can use the guidance given here to save yourself money.