Wolf Pack (2023) Review



Wolf Pack has plenty of impressive action with Max Zhang as charismatic as ever but it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to the genre aside from a couple of fun set-pieces.

Plot: When the security company established by Lao Diao was performing a mission overseas, they learn of a plan by terrorists to destroy gas pipelines thereby setting off an energy crisis. Lao Diao leads a team of 7 counter-terrorism elites that include Ke Tong and Monster to Kuli country with a goal of ensuring the safety of Chinese representative Qu Feng. They vow to crush the enemy’s conspiracy and resolve the crisis within 36 hours to protect the international interests of the motherland.

Review: Max Zhang stars in this Expendables-style actioner about a group of mercenaries trying to stop terrorists from blowing up a gas line (among other things).

Aarif Rahman plays the lead Ke Tong AKA Handsome and he’s not an especially likeable character for the majority of the runtime constantly questioning Diao (Zhang) and only really interested in finding out why his father used to be a mercenary.

Wolf Pack is as generic as you can get with little that you’ll remember after the end credits roll however, there are plenty of impressive action scenes with a highlight being a fight while sliding down the roof of a building. The climactic knife fight between Daio and the main villain is also entertaining although the cliched countdown to prevent a detonation is from every single action movie, ever.

I also need to mention that some of the acting from the English-speaking actors was hilariously bad and distracting at times where it takes you out of it, especially towards the end.

Zhang is at his charismatic best and owns the entire movie making the best of the material and still proving he has the moves in the action scenes.

Overall, Wolf Pack feels very familiar but it does have some standout action scenes with some decent fights as well. Our lead isn’t especially sympathetic and some of the supporting performances are terrible but for the action alone this is a fun time.