Your Lucky Day (2023) Review

An Intense Ride


Your Lucky Day makes for an uneasy watch as you’re constantly wondering what is going to happen next as things spiral more our of control with every second. It has impressive performances from the entire cast and manages to maintain the pace with some shoot-outs and violence while also showing how greed can corrupt us all if we let it.

Plot: After a dispute over a winning lottery ticket turns into a deadly hostage situation, the witnesses must decide exactly how far they’ll go, and how much blood they’re willing to spill, for a cut of the $156 million.

Review: Your Lucky Day looked like it was going to be an intense watch from the trailer, and it didn’t disappoint. It packs a lot into the 90-minute runtime and is at times nail-bitingly tense and tragic at the same time. It’s a tale of how greed can destroy lives and it can be hard to root for anyone on screen until nearer the end of the film, which is an interesting touch.

The tragedy behind the film gives it extra heart as we know the main star Angus Cloud passed away at the age of 25 in July of this year. In Your Lucky Day he plays Sterling, a down on his luck drug dealer who is forced to take hostages when a customer in a store wins the lottery. Sterling decides he needs the money more than him and it escalates into a nightmare for all involved.

Although more of a thriller than an all-out action picture there are still several shoot-outs and violent kills in the movie to keep you on the edge of your seat. The performances are first rate, and it certainly doesn’t waste any time getting going.

It’s very much a movie for these trying times as everyone in the tale is struggling in some way financially which is something we can all relate to.

It’s well-paced and every scene matters to either the story or character progression. However, it is that kind of movie that you likely wouldn’t watch more than once. After you know the various twists and turns I imagine it would lose some of its luster lacking that rewatchability factor but it’s still worth seeing.

Overall, Your Lucky Day is an intense ride that barely stops for breath with solid performances from the entire cast. Angus Cloud could easily have played Sterling as nothing more than a mere thug but he’s just someone who is desperate which we can all understand. It has enough action in terms of shoot-outs and violence to keep action junkies entertained, making it at least a one-time watch.