“You Need A Bath!” Death Wish V (1994)

Few people kick more ass that Paul Kersey and I always found this death scene particularly satisfying; there are certain actors who you just despise when they play villains and Michael Parks is one of them. FYI This is no insul...
by Eoin Friel



All of Rambo’s Kills in One Glorious Video

I could watch Rambo take on entire armies all by himself every day; in all 4 movies combined he kills a whopping 254 bad guys… at least I hope they were all bad. Ah who cares? They shouldn’t have got in his way in t...
by Eoin Friel


“You’re Fired!” True Lies (1994)

Plot: Secretly a spy but thought by his family to be a dull salesman, Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is tracking down nuclear missiles in the possession of Islamic jihadist Aziz (Art Malik). Harry’s mission is compl...
by Eoin Friel



Punisher: War Zone Rocket Launcher Scene

I’ve always had a soft spot for Punisher: War Zone; it feels like an old-school 80’s action movie with hilariously over the top deaths which are straight out of a Looney Toons cartoon. I think we can all agree even ...
by Eoin Friel


Thanks for the Advice – Die Hard (1988)

Remember when Bruce Willis was cool? Yeah, me too and this was him at his absolute coolest. In the original (and best) Die Hard John McClane (Bruce Willis) tries to save his estranged wife Holly and several others who were take...
by Eoin Friel



“Here’s Sub Zero! Now Plain Zero!”

I’ve always adored The Running Man; it’s actually one of my favourite Arnie movies. It’s satire arguably has even more resonance today especially with reality television as popular as ever. Plot: In the year 2...
by Eoin Friel


“It’s Time” from Invasion USA (1985)

SYNOPSIS: Retired CIA agent Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) is forced back into the business when a villain from his past re-emerges. Soviet Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch), a terrorist whom Matt once caught, wants to exact revenge. ...
by Eoin Friel



“I Hope They Weren’t Triplets” from Marked for Death (1990)

Widely (and rightly) regarded as one of Steven Seagal’s best films Marked for Death has the Sensei play a retired DEA agent called John Hatcher who is out to hunt down and take out a Jamaican drug posse that has targeted ...
by Eoin Friel


“Hunting Season is Over!” Hard Target (1993)

This movie never gets old for me and remains one of my all-time favourites; I love Lance Henriksen as the villainous Emil Fouchon as she’s just a mean old bastard who enjoys hunting the homeless for sport. Unfortunately (...
by Eoin Friel



Throat Rip from Rambo (2008)

The 2008 movie Rambo from Sylvester Stallone was the most brutal in the series and all the better for it. It was proof that you could still do a one man army movie but not be cheesy. Our hero Rambo is rescuing some missionaries...
by Eoin Friel