Rock Music and Action Movies: The Perfect Marriage

Since I was a kid I have loved my rock music; screeching electric guitars just kick all kinds of ass but when mixed with on-screen action there is nothing better. Whenever an action movie has some electric guitar used in the sc...
by Eoin Friel



The Paycheck & Batman Connection

It’s hard to believe that Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is now 10 years old; it came out of nowhere after Joel Schumacher all but killed the franchise and redeemed The Dark Knight from being more than a toy commercial. ...
by Eoin Friel


Out of Breath Actors

Have you ever noticed how a select few actors always seem to sound like they’re short of breath? No matter what the role is, they always seem to sound like they’re going to pass out. Here’s the top 4 off the t...
by Eoin Friel



Vietnamese Martial Arts Action Comedy, LUC VAN TIEN: TUYET DINH KUNGFU Lands An Official Trailer

It’s been a few months since Happy Entertainment began teasing director Hoang Phuc’s latest, Luc Van Tien: Tuyet Dinh Kungfu. As such, with two teasers long past, a third teaser arrived this week along with an offic...
by Lee Golden


Frank Miller’s RoboCop 2

I’ve always really enjoyed RoboCop 2; sure, it might not be quite up there with the original classic but it’s damn close and maintains the satire and graphic violence that made the original so memorable. We all know the nam...
by Eoin Friel



Indie Action Report: Tony’s Wrath

What better way to introduce this new column on The Action Elite than by introducing you to the man who inspired me, many years ago, to get up off of the couch and make my own action films, and another man who currently inspire...
by Tyler Williams


J-Man movie updates: 10/14/13

This week I talk about the Dark Knight Returns, Atlantis, and Ghost Town!
by J-Man



Headshot is Now on iTunes!

With everyone talking about Logan this weekend there’s another R rated actioner out which is a little under the radar. We’ve been talking about it for what feels like years but Headshot starring Iko Uwais is finally...
by Eoin Friel


Luke Goss: The Next Action Hero?

I remember when Blade II first came out and it was announced that Luke Goss was playing the tragic villain Nomak, people reacted with remarks like “THAT Luke Goss? From the boy band Bros?” There were a few mean comm...
by Eoin Friel



The Perk and Curse of Marrying An Action Hero

Action heroes can get married. They have the right to be happy or sad depending on what your viewpoint of marriage is. I know there are plenty of women out there who would love to be in the arms of John McClane, James Bond (duh...
by Omar