Sue Me! I like Dick Tracy

So, here’s the thing. I saw Dick Tracy in the theater when it was first released in 1990. (Man… I am old.) After the huge previous summer smashes, the top of which for me was Burton’s first Batman, I was prime...
by Brian M


Sue Me! I like Gamer

This Gerard Butler actioner kind of disappeared without trace, despite the fact it’s actually a pretty entertaining Hard R actioner. Not only does Butler get to kick some ass with some serious firepower, but he also gets to f...
by Eoin Friel



Sue Me! I like Twister

One of my greatest fears is a tornado, I mean who relishes the thought of getting sucked up into a swirling vortex?  Hence the irony of my love for the film Twister.  When my children were growing up, every time it rained we ...
by Anjanette


Sue Me – I love LXG – video


The Verdict: 4 / 5 - Explosive!
by J-Man


by J-Man


Sue Me! I Like Godzilla (1998)

I’m not the biggest Godzilla fan out there so I’m not in tune with the outright hatred that this movie gets. However, the movie also gets a ton of hate from all around for simply being a dumb summer blockbuster. And...
by Omar



Sue Me! I like Escape from LA

This is going to be a regular feature on the site where we give our reasons for liking a movie that nobody else likes. This week it’s the much maligned sequel to Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell: Escape from LA....
by Eoin Friel


Sue Me! I Like Van Helsing

When I was growing up (I haven’t finished yet) Castlevania was my favourite video-game, especially on the Super Nintendo. I loved the music, the simplicity of the game-play and just the sheer atmosphere. When Van Helsing ...
by Eoin Friel