The 10 Best Gary Daniels Movies

A couple of weeks ago we did a poll where you could vote for the best Gary Daniels movie; well the votes have all been tallied and today we have the list with his top 10 movies as voted for by you. Of all the polls we’ve ...
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The 10 Best Superhero Films

Superheroes are having major film release after major film release these days. Whether they are from Marvel, DC or something more obscure, superheroes are here to stay. That’s not the say there aren’t a lot of pretty terrib...
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ONLY THE STRONG, from left: Paco Prieto, Mark Dacoscos, 1993, TM & Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

The 10 Best Mark Dacascos Movies

Mark Dacascos has always been one of my favourite action stars; with moves like Drive, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Crying Freeman under his belt it’s difficult to choose which is his best film. He’s had a great care...
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The 10 Best Tony Scott Films

A while back we ran a poll so you all could vote for your favourite Tony Scott films; well we’ve put together all the votes and today we have ourselves the 10 best Tony Scott films as voted for by you. There were some in...
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10 Awesome Subway Showdowns

I hate it when I’m on the subway and get hassled by a group of thugs where I am forced to use my particular set of skills to bring the pain… don’t you? The subway in action movies usually proves to be pretty d...
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The 10 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

So the time has come; the votes have been calculated and you’ve had several weeks to choose your favourite movie from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I must say I’m surprised by some of the entries and the lack of love for C...
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The 10 Best Donnie Yen Movies

Donnie Yen is one of the greatest action heroes of all time; not only is he a fantastic martial artist but he’s a gifted actor. A few weeks back you’ll remember we did a poll where you could vote for your favourite Don...
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The 10 Best Die Hard Clones

I did this blog a few years ago but I thought I would repost it with a few updates. When Die Hard exploded into theatres in 1988, the next 10 years would be filled with every kind of Die Hard clone imaginable including several ...
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L arme fatale Lethal Weapon Annee 1987 usa Mel Gibson Realisateur Richard Donner

The Best Moments from Lethal Weapon (1987)

‘Tis the Season and all that so I thought what’s a great Christmas movie to talk about that isn’t Die Hard? One of my friends Chuzzy says he considers Lethal Weapon to be an underrated classic; I thought everyone knew abo...
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The 10 Best Vigilantes

The vigilante genre has always been popular with movie audiences. When a police force is too corrupt or useless to clean up the streets, someone takes the law into their own hands to bring justice to the land. The interesting t...
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